Data Visualization Modern Tree- update

The coppertype transfers of my FaceBook friends came out really awesome! While working through this project and deciding what I want to communicate, I realized that while I find social media intrusive and lacking the intimacy of true friendships and relationships- my FB friends have been through a lot with me and helped me through a lot. I shifted my opinion of the dynamic while sorting out the specs of this project. Truly, some of my FB friends, people I know in real life, but otherwise wouldn't have time to nurture our relationship or stay in touch, have really been there for me for things that I just didn't get the support I need from my family or immediate family. So I see the value, while carefully monitoring the amount of time invested on these social media platforms, it can be a fantastic and efficient way for busy people (moms, in my case) to maintain those friendship connections that keep us sane!

Also spend a long time in the lab on Sunday scanning every bit of fabric from my grandmother and great-grandmother to use in the Penny Olive book!

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