Package tweaking//pattern design

This week Bosler encouraged me to create a pattern for the Penny Olive package. Since I want it to have fabric texture, I designed it in PhotoShop. I was trying to a similar look to the textile that I was using (the mustard yellow with small flowers and circles), but it wasn't working with my flowers. I decided to go with a vintage fabric from a 40's feed bag. I feel like the blue pattern with the reds and yellows is working better than the yellow.

In addition, I tweaked the layout again because the main copy on the back of the box was making me crazy. I decided to offer an alternative design with more fun colors to see what the class thinks. Also, I added a 3rd typeface to the copy on the back because it seemed to be melting together to mush! I have to use the Penny Olive typeface to be consistent with the book, but now I'm also using a serif and a sans serif. I think it works aesthetically better than the previous version with just the serif. What do you all think?

There were also some structural kinks that I had to work out this week for the package to be structurally sound. I hope to print on Friday after getting the design ok from Bosler and the class


Changes: the copy "One side is in English...", "For more fun...." and "2016 Rachel Yoder" have been changed to sans serif.

I played with the justification of the copy too, and found preferred the left justification.

^^^Current tweaking^^^

I am still going to play with the red of the front typefaces, I think they should be a bit more red and saturated.....

Also, gave the insert (Penny Olive's bed) a makeover! I like it much better with the quilted pillow!

#DesignPioneers #PennyOlive

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