Finishing up illustrations.... finalizing lettering and layout!

My hope is to have a solid draft book to show and get feedback on during class on Friday! Check back Thursday if you have time. <3 Rachel

P.S. Sorry my phone camera is not focusing correctly.... they may be a bit fuzzy....

^^^There will be a big-ass double rainbow on this mug ^^^

^^^There will be kids paintings in the frames above my desk^^^

^^^There will be a huge squawking rooster on the right^^^^

Cleaning scans up in PhotoShop....

^^^Melissa!! Thank you for this!!!^^^^

^^^Cleaning up in PhotoShop

^^^I was very unhappy with her face.... was having difficulty with the canvas I was using.... I added bangs in PhotoShop- I am very happy!^^^

Image options....

What's on my mug??

To double rainbow or not to double rainbow?

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