PE Week 12- Project Progress

More to come....

Timeline goals:

Week 10: 3/31/17

  • Continue laying out brand book in InDesign

  • Tighten illustrations & type for tee shirts

Week 11: 4/7/17

  • Possible Spoonflower pattern order

  • Get tee shirts printed

  • Organize kid models

Logo Design:

Bosler helped me with placement of tagline and which bee icon to use. I love her idea to wrap the bee's dashes around the logo. I still want to try hand drawing the dashes. I absolutely love the logo!

Final logo: added hand-drawn path, lightened it slightly


Tee shirt mock ups: (still updating as I go)

These are options and different layouts. I also have to do some dyeing this weekend in order to print next week. I have other styles being delivered this week too. Printing early next week.

p.s. I was so excited to see some tee shirts in the wild (Target) with similar illustrative style...

#ProfessionalExplorations #hunterbee

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