Thesis II - Week 6

WK 6 | 10/1-10/7


  1. logo (finalized)

  2. manifesto (finalized)

  3. colors

  4. type

  5. tagline



I am creating a line of products named nix nux that breath new life into traditional PA Dutch folk art designs. Taking inspiration both traditional PA Dutch folk art (fraktur, hex signs, quilts, braided rugs, woven pieces, etc.) and 30's-80's style PA Dutch kitsch surface pattern designs.

I want to reframe these inspiring motifs through my own experience of PA Dutch culture. I want to create wearables and everyday useable goods so that people can feel their ancestors against their skin and have daily reminders of their gorgeous folk art and the contributions that PA Dutch people made as pioneers in Pennsylvania and America.


nix nux designs are created for the modern Deitscher. Children's clothing, homegoods and linen products, we are devoted to paying homage to our ancestors and their folk ways.

Devoted to paying homage to our ancestors and their folk ways through our modern PA Dutch patterns and goods.


Inspired by nature, screened PA Dutch kitsch palettes as well as vintage cocalicos that Granny would have quilted with. I want to line to be darker colors in general. I want it to have a vintage feel.




• Logo

•Bold headlines

Avenir (light, book, black)


• Primary sans

• Subheads

• Body copy

• Callouts

• Graphs

*A blackletter maybe


PA Dutch linens & folkware

PA Dutch linens & folk homegoods

Deitsch patterns with folk spirit

Deitsch patterns with ancestral folk spirit

Modern Pennsylvania Dutch folk patterns

Ancestral spirit for the modern Deitscher.

Folk art designs for the modern Deitscher.

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