Emerging Media - Week 9

In the discussion board, post 3 rough concepts for your interactive space, and whatever technology/process you plan to use. Please include a rough sketch of each concept (either scan or an illustrator sketch). Post before 11:59pm on Tues, give feedback before class on Friday. I would definitely like to use the conductive paint or electronic textiles. I would also like to develop this project to be used for my thesis exhibition.

Concept 1 Physical interactive piece with "digital enhancement" Create a stuffie (doll) that responds to touch with sound and lights using the Arduino - electronics & coding Inspiration: http://sewelectric.org/ http://www.instructables.com/id/Lilypad-Arduino-Light-up-Critter/ Materials: 1 Lilypad Arduino 4 LED lights Conductive thread A mini USB adapter Paper pencil Fabric scraps Thread (any color) Embroidery thread (any color) 1 metal sew-on snap Two buttons Glue or clear nail polish Stuffing

Concept 2 Motion sensor or conductive paint/tape wall for thesis show/ pop up shop talking about the clothing line Create a simple interactive wall for thesis project pop up shop where customers can interact with the illustrations and patterns from the line. I would love to hear designers talk about the clothing that they designed while i'm shopping, I often wonder what inspired them or how they came up with designs. Or for kids, a fun story behind the designs to engage them and help them connect to the products. Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVvEQUbhar8

https://vimeo.com/77784134 Needed: Bare Conductive Touch Board Bare Conductive Paint Copper Tape Powered via USB

Concept 3

A positive affirmations mirror that is recordable for the audience to have the mirror give them a positive affirmation that they came up with about themselves.




a mirror

a thin monitor

a Raspberry Pi

wood and paint


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